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Preserving Nature by Design
Preserving Nature by Design
General Information

These projects are currently in progress (Listed Alphabetically)

Jupiter Inlet Colony Gravity
Notice of Intent to Assess was approved by the Governing Board at the February, 2013 regular meeting.
A Preliminary Engineering Report with options and cost estimates was completed in November, 2013. 
A gravity sewer system has been selected including improvements to the potable water system and stormwater system.
An Interlocal Agreement has been executed between the District and Jupiter Inlet Colony and the Village of Tequesta has been approved.
Residents have been mailed Locate / Green forms to choose their desired location for their sanitary sewer service.  These forms were due back to our Engineering Department by October 17, 2014.  If you haven't received your form, or have any questions, please contact our Engineering Department at 561-747-5700, extension 110.
Design has been completed including relocation of the lift station to 50 Colony Dr.
Engineers are in the process of obtaining permits for the construction of the new facilities.
Little Oaks/River Oaks Gravity
A Notice of Intent to Assess was approved by the District Governing Board at the April, 2014 Regular Meeting, to provide a gravity sewer system.  District staff will be working with engineering firms in the next couple of months to develop a required scope of services to be performed, and obtain a proposal.
At the June Governing Board meeting, a contract was awarded to Mathews Consulting, Inc. to provide engineering services (including design, survey, permitting, bidding and construction services) for the River Oaks/Little Oaks gravity sewer project.
The project has been submitted to permitting authorities for review and permit issuance.
The Construction Contract was awarded to Foster Marine Contractors, Inc. at the June, 2015 Board Meeting.  An Open House with property owners will be held prior to construction to review construction activities and answer individual questions.
The District obtained Grant monies from the Loxahatchee River Preservation Initiative for this project.  The credit will be applied to the Regional Connection Fees.
Peninsular Road Low Pressure
This neighborhood consists of four remaining houses on a peninsular into the Loxahatchee river south of Riverside Drive.  Residents have been notified of the proposed sewering program to provide low pressure sewers in this area, along with estimated costs.
The District Governing Board has approved a Notice of Intent to Assess which has been filed in the public records.
SE Rivers Edge St.
A Notice of Intent to Assess was filed in March, 2014.  The road is privately owned and maintained.
Property owners have received a request for easements to the private road for installation of the sewer system.
The District solicited easements from property owners in order to proceed with this project.  The request for easements under the current program is offered for a limited time only.

A Notice of Intent to Assess was filed in December, 2013 for proceeding with a Low Pressure sewer system for this neighborhood.
A contract for engineering survey, design, permitting, and bidding was executed with Mathews Consulting, Inc. in April, design and permitting is expected to be complete by August, 2014.
Informational meetings have been held with homeowners and design is proceeding with the preferred low pressure system.
Construction was substantially complete in April, 2015.  Property Owners were notified to connect on May 6, 2015, with one year to complete installation of their low pressure unit.
The Preliminary Assessment amount is $6,772.07.  The Final Assessment will go to the Governing Board at the July, 2015 meeting and residents will be notified of the Final Assessment amount and payment procedures.
197th Place N Area
A Notice of Intent to Assess has been filed in the public record.  This is not a lien on the property, it is only a notice to parties of any future land transaction of the proposed sewering.
Clark Lane Low Pressure
A Notice of Intent to Assess has been filed in the public record.  This is not a lien on the property, it is only a notice to parties of any future land transaction of the proposed sewering.



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